Cullingworth Newsletter Aug 2017

The Village Council and the planning process As a Village Council our single most important activity is planning. We receive a copy of all applications from Bradford Council of any proposed developments. We have a planning committee and discuss all applications and make an objective decision based on planning law. The Village Council is given 21 days to comment to Bradford Planning office. It is vital the Village Council considers planning issues and these include:- • Consistency with the development plan for the area. • Traffic and highways safety • Overlooking, loss of privacy and/or light • Scale of the development • Design, appearance, layout and materials to be used • Loss of open space or physical features • Noise, disturbance or smells • Local knowledge of drainage or problems with the surface • Impact on the surroundings • Any effect on listed buildings or/and the conservation area. Personal views on any application are not relevant. Our comments on planning applications are based on relevant considerations taking particular account of the planning authority’s development plan and the Parish plan. The District Council also has an enforcement role whereby if a development appears to have taken place without permission or is more extensive than given in the planning consent, the District Councils enforcement officer would visit the site and take any follow up action. Such a case happened recently when, following an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate, a previously issued enforcement notice was upheld against building development that had taken place without obtaining planning permission. The notice informs the owners that the offending buildings must now be demolished and removed within a period of 6 months. This is a rare event and most planning applications and development are usually much more straightforward. We are pleased to report that Bradford Council planning department agree with our submitted comments on applications the majority of the time. New Christmas tree The Village Christmas Tree situated in the War Memorial gardens has received a number of comments concerning its somewhat poor appearance. The tree has failed to grow and mature as expected and shows no sign of blossoming into the Christmas centrepiece that was originally intended. The Village Council is currently in the process of obtaining quotes for a replacement tree which will hopefully be an improvement on the current somewhat sorry looking version and enable the tree to be a far better focal point when Christmas time is upon us Community grants The Village Council has set aside funds for the provision of grants of up to £400. Known as Community Grants the funds are available to provide assistance to local groups and organisations. The relevant application form and further details can be found on the Village Councils website, The Council encourage applications from all qualifying groups, organisations or individuals and all applications will be considered at the next available Village Council meeting (meetings are usually held on the first Wednesday of each month at the Methodist Church, and meeting start at 7.30pm) Councillors contact details If you need to contact any of the Village Councillors then please use the details below Cllr Howard Martin, (Chairman); 07793 111718 Cllr Mary Galvin (Vice Chair); 01535 273138 Cllr Manu Ahir; 07976 694839 Cllr Beverley Craig; 01535 273557 Cllr Maria Thomson; 01535 274176 Cllr Lionel Ackroyd; 01535 274496 Cllr Patricia Smith; 01535 275115 Angela Holmes, Clerk to the Council; 01535 273265 The current Christmas tree which hasn’t matured as originally hoped for WHAT’S BEEN HAPPENING IN CULLINGWORTH