Neighbourhood Plan

“The Village Council has considered the production of a Neighbourhood Plan at length over a period of time and has reached the decision that at the present time it would not of any great beneficial to proceed based upon the following observations and the considerable cost involved:

  • 1.It would not prevent loss of Greenbelt in the probability of no other land being available for building within the village.
  • 2.There would be no financial benefit through CIL as the large sites in the village were already allocated as building sites, albeit that planning permission had elapsed on the Pets Choice site.
  • 3.The Plan could not reflect the wishes of the public in relation to over-development; it would still be subject to planning law.
  • 4.The consultation process and production of a Plan would run into thousands and would not gain any advantage in protecting the built environment in relation to future allocation of housing for the village.
  • 5.In view of the amount of work and money needed to produce a Plan councillors were of the opinion that it would be of little or no value to the community.
  • 6.To date there had been no Neighbourhood Plans produced locally and very few nationally to test the benefit of Plans.
  • 7.The monies currently held for the production of a NP could be put to better use for the community

Extract from the minutes of a council meeting held on 7 September 2016:

3445 PORTFOLIO REPORTS: to discuss

b) ENVIRONMENTAL: to discuss:

1) Neighbourhood Plan: It was resolved to approve the minutes of the meeting held on 17 August.

The Village Council had originally indicated to Bradford Council its intention to produce a Plan and the

clerk suggested that it would be advisable to speak to the Neighbourhood Planning Officer with regard

to the recent intention not to go ahead and what that would entail. It was resolved that the clerk would

make enquiries.

Extract from the minutes of a council meeting held on 7 October 2016:

3455 PORTFOLIO REPORTS: to discuss

b) ENVIRONMENTAL: to discuss

. 2) Reply received from the Neighbourhood Planning team:

Following advice from The Neighbourhood Team Leader It was resolved to formally

adopt to stop work on the plan, publish the resolution on the website and send a copy

and link to Bill Caulfield at Bradford Council.