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PRESENT:            Cllrs. H Martin, M Galvin, B Craig, A Bostan, M Thomson, M Ahir, M Welthy and the
                              Clerk A Costigan.

FIFTEEN MINUTE RULE: comments from the general public:  None

3891    APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE:  Apologies were received and accepted from Cllr L Ackroyd.

3892    DECLARATION OF INTERESTS: None received

3893    MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: The minutes of the Council meeting held on 5 August 2020

            were approved, to be signed at a later date.

                           MATTERS ARISING: 

                           Guard rail at Coop: The Clerk has contacted the Co-Op about the decision not to replace the
                           guard rail. Despite several reminders no response has been received from the Co-Op central
                           management. It was reiterated that in the event of a similar situation
                           occurring in the future the Council will insist that the developer agrees to replace guard rails as

                           Noticeboard: The new Council noticeboard is on order.


                                    1) Details requested for Cullingworth Village Diary. Sent

                                    2) Dog Control Public Space Protection Orders consultation reopened. Council
                                    has submitted a response.

                                    3) Tiger 502 bus service launch. Noted.


       The clerk read the financial report to 1 September 2020

             It was resolved to pay:

                        1)    Clerk’s salary for August

                        2)    Zoom software £14.39 per month

                          3)    Instant Ink payment (Clerk) £7.99

                        4)    YLCA Webinar on Planning (Clerk) £22.50

                         5)    Instant Ink payment (Chairman – 6 months) £47.94

                         6)    SLCC Training on Word document accessibility (Clerk) £36.00

       It was resolved that Town Parish Audit be appointed as the Council’s new internal auditor.



       Applications to discuss:

       Application 20/02921/HOU – 30 Sutton Drive Cullingworth Construction of decking area to
                     rear garden over existing patio area.

                     The Village Council has no objections to this application.

                                                                                                                        Recommend Approval

                     Application 20/03222/LBC – 4 Hallas Farm Cottages Hallas Lane Replacement of all
                     existing external, single pane glass, non storm proof windows

      The applicant appears to be sympathetic in his planning application to retain the authenticity for
                     replacement of the windows to a Grade II listed building.

      Cullingworth Village Council has no objections to this application for listed building consent.

                                                                                                                        Recommend Approval

       Application 20/03434/HOU – 21 Wild Heather Close Cullingworth Replacement of the
                     existing detached garage with ancillary home office accommodation above

       Planning policy clearly states approval will not be given for an extension that is physically
                     dominating or overshadowing neighbouring properties. Neither will it be approved if an extension is
                     unduly large and it would restrict a neighbour’s sunlight.   Cullingworth Village council believe this
                     planning application does all of these things and therefore is inappropriate.

                                                                                                                        Recommend Approval

       Application 20/02904/MAF – Land off Manywells Brow Cullingworth Residential
       development of 25 dwellings on vacant land

       At the present time it is not possible to assess the potential impact for some protected species such
       as bats, reptiles, and invertebrates, as the existing survey data is out of date (2006). The presence
       of protected species within the site may be a constraint to the proposed development depending on
       the species type, abundance and location.

       To avoid impact on nesting birds is to programme all such works to take place during the winter
       months when birds are not nesting (generally September-February). In order to determine the
       ecological interest of the site, establish an up-to-date baseline and to assess the potential impacts
       of the proposed development, we agree with recommendations for further survey work to be carried

       It is also recommended that consideration be given to retaining as many of the existing trees as
       possible within the area of the proposed development and if that is not possible, sufficient areas
       within the development should be identified for new planting, preferably using native trees.


       Lead Local Flood Authority states the drainage drawings indicate that the surface water will
       discharge to an existing culvert to Manywells Beck. This culvert is not shown on records; therefore,
       the developer needs to provide details, including CCTV condition survey. The LLFA recommends
       that this application is NOT determined until the surface water drainage strategy has been agreed.
       We concur with these findings.

       Currently there is a problem with discharge of water onto Manywells. This must be dealt with before
       further development commences.


       Most importantly Japanese knotweed has been found on this site and is listed on Schedule 9 (Part
       2) of the Wildlife and Countryside Act, 1981 (as amended) which makes it an offence to plant or
       cause this foreign invasive plant to grow in the wild (effectively making it illegal to spread, or cause
       the spread of Japanese knotweed). If the proposed development requires disturbance of the area
       containing the patch of Japanese knotweed, then without mitigation there is potential to cause the
       spread of the species to other areas within and beyond the site.

       We are mindful to approve this application with the above points set as conditions to approval.      

                                                                                                                        Recommend Approval

       Application 20/03433/HOU – 68 Hallowes Park Road Cullingworth 2 storey rear extension

       Planning policy clearly states approval will not be given for an extension that is physically
       dominating or overshadowing neighbouring properties. Neither will it be approved if an extension is
       unduly large and it would restrict a neighbour’s sunlight.   Cullingworth Village council believe this
       planning application does all of these things and therefore is inappropriate.

                                                                                                                        Recommend Refusal

       Application 19/04627/FUL – HCF Poultry Ltd CHP plant  The planning application was approved
       but a copy of the Village Council’s submission was sent to senior members of Bradford Council as
       well as to the Planning department to ensure that the Council was fully aware of our case. It was
       resolved that in the event of any similar applications being submitted the Village Council would
       employ a solicitor at an early stage of proceedings.

       Ratification of Applications submitted to ShipleyNone received

            b)  ENVIRONMENTAL:

       1)     Christmas arrangements – update. The Council requested that four lights be
               replaced. Three have so far been completed and the remaining light will be ready in time for
               the switch on at Christmas. It was resolved that the switch on will take place on 5 December.

                             Decisions about the events will be made later due to the Covid uncertainty.

                      2)    Harden Traffic Report – It was resolved to approve the statement produced following the

                             meeting of representatives from Harden, Wilsden and Cullingworth subject to the  condition
                             that the zebra crossing improvements required by Cullingworth were included.  

                      3)    Flappit Springs traffic issues – a letter has been received from residents in the area

                             requesting a number of traffic calming measures. District Councillor Paul Sullivan has
                             contacted police. The response was positive and the Village Council will keep a
                             watching brief.

                      4)    Cleaner Streets, Parks and Open Spaces Fund from Shipley Council – it was resolved
                             that the Village Council would investigate an application for funding.

                      5)    Lengthsman – a meeting between councillors, the new Lengthsman and Stuart Russo

                             from Bradford Council has been arranged and appropriate tasks for the Lengthsman will be

                      6)    Newsletter – Councillors suggested a number of items for inclusion in the forthcoming Village
                             Council Newsletter.

                      7)    Remembrance Sunday – Bradford Council has sent an email asking parish councils to put a
                             temporary hold on preparations for Remembrance Sunday due to the coronavirus situation.
                             The Village Council will keep the Cullingworth event on its agenda. It was resolved to pay the
                             band for the ceremony if required.

                       8)   Defibrillator – The Village Council has received an offer of a donation towards funding for a
                             defibrillator to be located in the centre of the village. Costs and possible locations will be
                             researched and a decision will be made at the next meeting.

            c)   SOCIAL: The Village Council was pleased to note that Cullingworth Cricket Club is now playing again
                             after the coronavirus situation.

3897 REPORTS FROM OTHER BODIES:   None                     


3899 DATE OF NEXT MEETING:   Wednesday 7 October 2020  at 7pm.                    

Signed    ……………………….. 


Dated      ……2/9/20………………….