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PRESENT:       Cllrs. H Martin, M Galvin, M Thomson, M Ahir, M Welthy and the Clerk A Costigan.

One member of the public was present.

Fifteen minute rule – comments from members of the public. None raised.


3956     DISCLOSURES OF INTEREST None declared.

3957     MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING The minutes of the Village Council meeting held on 3 March 2021 were approved with the following amendments:

  • Under Matters Arising
    • ‘Station Road’ amended to ‘Former Station Yard, New School Lane’
    • ‘No decision has yet been taken’ amended to ‘Pending consideration’

MATTERS ARISING:    Zebra crossing The estimated date for the installation of halos on the Belisha beacons has passed. The Clerk has contacted Bradford Council.

Croftside Court Yellow lines have been painted on the Co-op side of the entrance to Croftside Court.

Tree in Dellside Gardens The Chairman and the Clerk are to meet a representative from Incommunities

Grit distribution Thanks were expressed to the councillors who have distributed the grit purchased by the Villlage Council to the bins in the village.

Cleaner Streets Fund £200 grant received.6 sets of litter picking equipment are to be ordered.

Draft Bradford Local Plan The Village Council response has been submitted.
Councillors It was resolved to co-opt S Helliwell to the Village Council. More recruits are needed.


  1. Motor cycle noise in quarry. Noise has been reported from motor cycles using Hallas Rough Quarry at the weekend. The police are unable to assist. The Clerk will contact the Site Manager to discuss the gate at the New Coley end of the quarry.
  2. GNRT tree branch hazard. Thanks were expressed to Sustrans who have removed the broken tree branch from the Greta Northern Railway Trail.
  3. GNRT rubbish from Hewenden Ridge development. Cllr Galvin and the Clerk will meet representatives of David Wilson Homes on 9 April to discuss the restoration of the area between the development and the trail.
  4. Shipley Area Playable Spaces consultation. Received from Bradford Council.

3959     CLERK’S REPORT:    

The Clerk read the financial report to 6 April 2021

It was resolved to pay:

Correction: In the February minutes ‘Clerk’s salary for December’ should read ‘Clerk’s salary for January’

It was resolved that the Annual Parish Meeting will take place on 5 May before the May Council Meeting.


             a)    PLANNING


Applications to consider:

Application 21/01430/FUL Co Op Food Store Greenside Lane Cullingworth: Change of use of existing Class E to create 2 units. 1 x Class E retail and 1 x Sui Generis – takeaway.

Given poor average health levels of both adults and children within the Bradford District, it is considered appropriate to control the provision of hot food takeaways in close proximity to primary and secondary schools. It is important that all food providers play a part in improving the health of the district’s residents, by making their products as nutritious as possible.

However, it is important to evaluate the possible adverse effects considering increased numbers of customers around hot food takeaways, particularly in the late evening when trading activity tends to be at its peak. This can lead to problems of disturbance, increased noise and anti social behaviour.

It is acknowledged that hot food takeaways offer a popular service to local communities too.

Supplementary Planning Document. Hot Food Takeaways states:  Hot food takeaways will be resisted where the proposal will fall within 400m of the boundary of an existing primary or secondary school or youth centred facility. Parkside School, Cullingworth Cricket Club (which works with young people), the Village Hall where the Youth Club takes place, and the Recreation Ground are within 400m.

In order to protect the amenities of the surrounding area from an adverse effect, by reason of noise, disturbance, vehicular traffic movements, or pedestrian traffic, it is often essential to restrict the hours of opening of a proposed hot food take away.

A Condition may be attached to a planning permission that requires the operator to provide a bin outside the premises at all times when the business is open.

Recommend refusal

Application 21/01443/HOU Glengarth Cullingworth Road Cullingworth: Conversion of garage to living accommodation.

This application requires conversion of attached garage into living accommodation.

The double garage doors will become 2 windows using coursed natural stone to match the existing stone. Cullingworth Village council has no objections to this application.

Recommend approval

Application 21/01202/VOC Hallas Rough Quarry Black Moor Halifax Road Cullingworth: Variation of Conditions 2 (end date), 3 (plans) and 26 (restoration phasing) of application 13/01091/MAF To extend the end date from 31/08/2028 to 31/12/2038 and update the phasing plan of the existing planning permission, to facilitate completion of the restoration of the site.

Planning applications date back to 1987,for the removal of aggregate from this site.

An application was granted for this site in 2010 and the planning application was renewed in 2013 with a completion date of 31st August 2028.

Due to a change of ownership the restoration of this site has been delayed. This applicant wishes to extend the end date by 10 years, from 31st August 2028 to 31st December 2038

A second application is made to enable the removal of remaining sandstone and restoration of the area which would be completed in 6-8 years.

If this extension were successful there could be over 100 lorry movements per day for many years to come. Mud, dirt or debris will be carried onto the highway over the years the quarry is in operation.

Cullingworth Village council feels this extension application should be refused as the time frame of 17 years is unacceptable, and would inevitably give rise to an unacceptable, adverse impact on people and the environment. Previous history of this site raises concerns further extensions would continue to be applied for in the future.

Recommend refusal

Application 21/00948/FUL Hewenden Cullingworth Road Cullingworth: Demolition of buildings and cessation of kennel and cattery use, construction of detached dwelling and associated works, merger of 2 and 3 Hewenden to create single dwelling and creation of tree plantation

This application is within Green Belt where new buildings can be acceptable if they relate closely to existing buildings with additional tree planting to reduce any impact of the building.

The application looks to extend  number 3, Hewenden into number 2, Hewenden, to provide enhanced family accommodation, while removing a small and sub-standard 1 bed cottage.

Some dilapidated and some permanent buildings will be demolished to allow the construction of a 3 bed house. This would be faced in natural stone with a slate roof. The proposed dwelling would be designed with a low-slung asymmetric saltbox type roof and carefully sited to minimise its apparent size and scale.

Dwellings will benefit from generous indoor and outdoor space without any detrimental impacts upon neighbours in the wider area and should not impact on the Green Belt.

Vehicular and pedestrian access to the site is directly from Cullingworth Road, via a dropped kerb. The speed limit within the vicinity is 40mph but it is soon to be reduced to 30mph.

Improvements will be made to the existing access from Cullingworth Road and enhance highway safety.

An application will be made by the applicant to have the public footpath diverted. With a new pedestrian gate provided at the roadside. This can take 12 – 18 months or longer to complete. There is no guarantee that an order will succeed.

The public right of way would remain on its current line, if the order is unsuccessful, and must not be obstructed by the development.

The applicant will plant up to 300 new trees in partnership with Forest of Bradford to enhance the landscape and green infrastructure.

Land previously associated with the kennels and cattery will be returned to grazing.

Recommend approval

Application 21/01109/HOU 78 Hallowes Park Road Cullingworth: Convert existing detached garage into garden room and replace existing garage roof with new tiled roof. Construction of two storey side extension, Internal alterations and reconfiguration, widen existing drive and relocate existing drop kerb.

2 storey side extensions can lead to loss of openness between buildings giving an effect of terracing. Where practicable a 1m minimum gap to the boundary is required to assist with future maintenance. The Village council is concerned the gap shown on the plans is only 775mm between the extension and the side boundary. 

Side extensions need to be subordinate to the original building, which this appears to show.

Car parking spaces need to be 5.6m in length to avoid obstruction of a footpath or highway and 2.5m wide. The garden is well below street level and will have to be sloped towards the house considerably to allow use for car parking.

Parking areas need to be softened by planting shrubs and trees etc. Hard parking surfaces using stone or brick paving is preferable to tarmac. It is not desirable to hard surface whole areas of existing gardens.

Recommend refusal

Ratification of Applications submitted:

Application 21/00097/HOU 17 Lodge Street CullingworthConstruction of single storey side extension following demolition of existing outbuildings and external wall and gate. Demolition of existing outbuildings & external wall and gate. Internal alterations.

Application granted.

Application 21/00581/FUL Cliffe View Farm 2 Cliffe View Outside Lane Cullingworth: Agricultural building with associated access track

Application granted.

            b)  ENVIRONMENTAL


Cllr Welthy reported that Cullingworth Youth Club was about to reopen.

3961     REPORTS FROM OTHER BODIES:  None received


3963     DATE OF NEXT MEETING  – Wednesday 5 May 2021

Signed    ……………………………


             Dated      …7/4/2021…………….