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PRESENT:       Cllrs. H Martin, M Galvin, A Bostan, M Thomson, M Ahir, M Welthy, L Ackroyd and the Clerk A Costigan.

Fifteen minute rule – comments from members of the public. None.


3919     DISCLOSURES OF INTEREST Cllr M Thomson declared an interest in item 3923, New School Lane development.

3920     MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING The minutes of the Village Council meeting held on 4 November 2020 were approved with one exception. Cllr L Ackroyd attended the meeting and his name to be added to the list of those present.        

MATTERS ARISING:    BT phone box The phone box cannot be adopted as it is not required for a defibrillator

                                    Village Council newsletter Most copies have now been distributed with the remainder to be delivered within the week

                                    Flower planter on Halifax Road A resident has made a good temporary repair. The Village Council expressed its gratitude. Parkside School will make a new planter in the future.

                                    Airfields memorial replacement A quote for replacement has been requested

                                    Remembrance Sunday The Chairman took part in the Covidsecure commemoration, which was filmed and made available via Facebook.   
Zebra crossing
The repainting has not yet taken place.

                                    HCF traffic issue Vehicles have been observed using Turf Lane. The Clerk contacted HCF and there has been no repeat at the time of this meeting.                                                                              

3921     CORRESPONDENCE: to discuss or note:

  1. Resignation of councillor and notice of vacancy. Cllr Beverley Craig has resigned. The Village Council expressed its gratitude for her service. The Notice of Vacancy has been added to the noticeboard and expressions of interest will be invited.
  2. Croftside Court. A resident complained about leaves on the road markings outside the Co-op. Double yellow lines are to be painted at the corner of Croftside Court and Halifax Road 
  3. Allotment request. Noted
  4. Bus shelter vandalism. It was resolved that the Clerk would contact Bradford Council and investigate the possibility of installing CCTV

3922     CLERK’S REPORT:    

The Clerk read the financial report to 1 December 2020

It was resolved to pay:

1.         Clerk’s salary for November

2.         Zoom software £14.39 per month

3.         Instant Ink payment (clerk) £7.99

4.         Instant Ink payment (Chairman) £7.99

5.         Wreath for Remembrance Sunday £25.00

6.         Christmas tree New Coley Nurseries £180

7.         AGAR (external audit) PKF Littlejohn £240

8.         ILCA payment £118.80

9.         Steve Thorpe gardening £1007

10.        Printer paper (Clerk) £5.69

11.        Charles Waller Photography £200


             a)    PLANNING

 Applications to discuss:

Application 20/04591/MAR hn: Reserved matters application requesting consideration of appearance, landscaping, layout and scale for 53 dwellings, associated car parking, landscaping and areas of public open space (pursuant to outline approval 15/00378/MAO).

Cllr Thomson left the meeting

The Village Council thanked Cllr Galvin for her hard work on this application.

The Clerk will write to the local Police Officer requesting a meeting.

The Clerk will reply to the developers requesting a meeting later in the process.

Cllr Bostan will arrange a meeting with a representative of the Great Northern Railway Trail Forum.


Proposed extension of Great Northern Trail (walkway and cycleway) gives rise to loss of privacy, overlooking and security issues for Turf Court, Mowbray Close , Turfden and Turf House as they run parallel to the proposed route. The houses on Turf Court and Mowbray Close are bungalows with Turfden and Turf House being of two storey build. The proposed walkway / cycleway and development is elevated and in 2008 the Developers at that time agreed, (following consultation with the residents), that the walkway and cycleway trail should follow the old railway track bed, (also GNRF’s recommendation), which is beyond a fence on the brownfield site some distance away from the homes, thereby allowing some level of security / privacy. They also agreed to supply security fencing and/or bunding etc. This served to allay residents’ fears and they were grateful that the developers took the concerns on board.

However, in 2015 to maximise the build potential the ‘goalposts’ were moved and the

proposed site layout showed that the plan was to develop the old railway siding, which is elevated to the rear of the homes on Mowbray Close ,Turf Court and Turf Lane and was only a few feet from  back gates and gardens.

In 2017 planning permission was granted for Landscape bund and acoustic fence with no mention of the GNT extension proposal. Therefore no objections were raised.


Screening provided should be robust, have an immediate effect and shrubs, trees and plants need to be semi mature specimens.  There needs to be an assurance that as many mature trees will be retained as is possible.

 Security and privacy: this is a material planning consideration, as this will be seriously compromised along Turf Court /Mowbray Close / Turfden and Turf House. Those using the proposed extension of the Great Northern Trail would be able to see directly down into gardens, and properties, including bedrooms, for the properties that back onto the proposed trail. 

A further security issue is the proposed exit of GNT extension onto Turf Lane. This area is farmland and not overlooked therefore it could be used as an escape route, without individuals being seen.

Crime statistics show that the majority of burglaries occur to the rear of a property where surveillance is minimal. This was a concern to West Yorkshire Police in 2015.

 Overlooking and privacy Highfield Terrace residents, also affected by the development, are being assured of secure fencing. Turf Court and Mowbray Close areas need the same assurances. As both areas are public open spaces.

The properties on Turf Court / Mowbray Close are bungalows, with the proposed cycleway being on a raised plateau. The distance from the embankment to the windows of houses on Mowbray Close is just 5.7 mtrs.

 Local Plan for the Bradford District Core Strategy Development Plan; Safe and inclusive places;  Policy DS5  states developments need to be designed to ensure a safe and secure environment and reduce the opportunities for crime and  not harm the amenity of existing or prospective users and residents.

Housing design

We note that there will be a mix of 2 and 2.5 storey. As homes on Turf Court / Mowbray Close are bungalows and as stated above, the development is elevated, residents are obviously concerned they may be being overlooked, in particular, by a 2.5 storey build. Turfden also shares the same concerns.

Bradford Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) comments:-

The latest Planning Layout drawing appears to be in line with the flood risk/drainage conditions

attached to the Outline Planning approval. However, the proposed foul and surface water drainage scheme, as illustrated on Drawing Nos. AMA/20634/D100/P01 and AMA/20634/D101/P01, should NOT be approved at this time.

The following, additional, information is required 1) Discharge Point , 2) Discharge Rate:

Prior to the commencement of development on the site, an investigation of the site to determine the extent of any land drainage network shall be undertaken. The details of the investigation, and

the proposals for dealing with any water courses, culvert, land drainage that are affected by the

proposed development shall be submitted in writing within 3 months from the commencement of

any development on the site. The approved scheme shall subsequently be implemented in

accordance with the approved details before the development is completed. The scheme shall also include details of how the scheme shall be maintained and managed after completion.

 Reason: To prevent the increased risk of flooding, to improve and protect water quality and

improve habitat and amenity and to accord with policy NR16 of the Replacement Unitary

Development Plan.

Future flood risk.

There are already flooding issues on Halifax Road near The Vicarage and Highfield Terrace and there are also drainage issues. Flooding is an ongoing occurrence which has not been rectified and this will be exacerbated by the development.

Adding to our future flooding concerns is a number of trees would need to be removed to adequately accommodate the development and GNT extension.

Trees listed so far :- T2 Sycamore – T3 Sycamore – T4 Ash – T5 Apple – T6 Cherry – G7 Willow – T8 Ash – G9 Willow, Ash, Sycamore Four stems from southern end of group G11 Goat Willow, Holly – G14 Ash, Holly, Willow – T15 Ash – G17 Cypress, Ash, Goat Willow – G22 Goat Willow – G23 Goat Willow, Sycamore – G24 Sycamore, Goat Willow Eleven stems from group G25 Goat Willow, Willow, Holly, Ash Eight stems from group T26 Ash.

Trees  T16 and T20 are poor quality specimens and therefore recommended for removal on arboricultural grounds.

The developer also states : “Relationships between trees and other objects such as buildings are rarely static and can at times change quite unpredictably.”

We are concerned the GNT will require many more trees to be lost. in its development.

Rights of way

If building works mean that the public right of way cannot be kept open because of safety hazards, a temporary diversion or closure order must be obtained. If planning permission is granted, no new stiles, gates, barriers or other structures can be erected on or across a public right of way without prior approval from the Council’s Rights of Way Section. If works alongside the public footpaths/bridleways present a danger to path users the affected section should be fenced off with safety netting

The surface of the footpath should not be disturbed, however, if damage to the public footpaths/bridleways caused by development works does occur, it must be promptly repaired by the applicant at their expense.

Department of Health and Wellbeing commented: They found no reference to the proposed arrangements for provision of EV charging points. The applicant should ensure this matter is given due consideration and details of the proposed scheme provided. It is the responsibility of the developer to ensure that the provision of EV charging is adequately incorporated in to the design.

Conclusion: The Village Council is in favour of the main housing development proposed. However, we are considering the whole planning application and feel the plans for developing the GNT need to be readdressed.

Cullingworth residents and visitors already have a perfectly good cycle path /walkway in existence, running parallel to the development. It connects with the main Great Northern Trail and runs along the west side of the Primary School into Cullingworth recreation ground and exits along Highfield Terrace with access to Station Road and Turf Lane. The proposed site for the GNT extension is, at present, a wildlife haven and corridor. This would be decimated if the development goes ahead, as the plan is to lay 3m tarmac with a metre land either side. This area, we believe cannot accommodate this width and needs to be urgently reviewed.

 What is the benefit/or need of a second cycle way, with an investment of £20,000+, required?

Recommend Refusal

Cllr Thomson returned to the meeting.

Application 20/05231/LBC 3 Manor Barn Fenton Court Cullingworth: Installation of 2 velux windows at the rear elevation and linked

Application 20/05230/HOU 3 Manor Barn Fenton Court Cullingworth: Installation of 2 velux windows at the rear elevation

It is noted that the velux windows are for the roof, would not be seen from the road and the design and access statement confirms that these will match the same material, size and scale to all the other velux windows in the building. Planning has been approved on a before for previous velux windows, therefore there does not appear to be an issue with this application

The Village Council has no objections on either of these applications.

Recommend approval

Application 20/05316/HOU  8 Sunningdale Crescent Cullingworth:Porch to side elevation (amendment to previously approved application 19/01760/HOU)

It now appears that the porch is on the side of the building rather than at the front, where it appeared on the plans on 19/01760/HOU. This now means that there is no gap between the building and the highway.

Side extensions on corner plots should respect the character of the street scene and maintain a gap of at least 1m to the side boundary with the adjacent highway.

Therefore this is against planning regulations.

Recommend refusal

Ratification of Applications submitted:


            b)  ENVIRONMENTAL

1)         Christmas arrangements Tree and lights in place and well received.  Another light was required for the lamppost by the War Memorial and this has been fitted. The Village Council has asked Bradford Council to fix a broken light and rearrange others. It was resolved that the Village Council will make a payment to the people who helped to put up the tree.

2)         Defibrillator A donor has offered to contribute towards the cost of a defibrillator. The rest of the cost, plus the expense of installation must be met. The proposed location will be discussed further with the donor. It was resolved that the Village Council would contribute funds subject to a suitable location being agreed.

3)         Community Infrastructure Levy. The Village Council has received a Community Infrastructure Levy allocation £527.03 for the first six months of 2020/21.


1)         Cullingworth Youth Club will reopen in January with the emphasis on fitness.

3924     REPORTS FROM OTHER BODIES:  None received


3926     DATE OF NEXT MEETING  – Wednesday 6 January 2021 full meeting. Budgeting meeting Wednesday 9 December 2020

Signed    ……………………………

                                 (Chairman)              Dated      …………………