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Dear Councillors        

This agenda acts as a summons to attend the:



Fifteen minute rule – to receive questions and comments from members of the public.

Green Travel Project – Ms J Townsend (Harden Village Council) to discuss increase in project funding.

1          COUNCILLORS

2          APOLOGIES To receive apologies for absence and to consider the approval of reasons given for absence.

3          DISCLOSURES OF INTEREST To receive disclosures of personal and prejudicial interest from members on matters to be considered at the meeting.  The disclosure must include the nature of the interest.  An interest must also be disclosed in the meeting when it only becomes apparent to the member during the meeting.

NB Members may remain in the meeting and take part fully in discussion and voting unless the interest is prejudicial.  A personal interest is a prejudicial interest if it is one which a member of the public, with knowledge of the relevant facts, would reasonably regard as so significant that it is likely to prejudice the

member’s judgment of the public interest.  Members must withdraw from the meeting if the interest is a prejudicial interest unless a dispensation has been obtained from the Standards Committee.  Members are reminded that under Members Code of Conduct they must register, within 28 Days, changes to their financial and other interests and notify the Monitoring Officer of any gifts and hospitality received deemed to be valued over £25.

4          MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: To approve the minutes of the Village Council meeting held on  8 September 2021

MATTERS ARISING:    Former Station Yard New School Lane development
Playground provision project


War Memorial benches
5          CORRESPONDENCE: to consider or note:

  1. Trees on Cullingworth Road
  2. Community Infrastructure Levy grant

6           CLERK’S REPORT:

– To receive the financial report to 5 October 2021

– To approve payments:

  1. Clerk’s salary
  2. HMRC Clerk tax £3.60
  3. Instant Ink payment (clerk) £9.99
  4. Instant Ink payment (Chairman) £9.99
  5. Steve Thorpe War Memorial garden £573
  6. Repayment Clerk tax £3.60
  7. MHV Electrical Ltd Defibrillator installation £144
  8. Respond Marketing Web hosting £795.60

To note: Incorrect amounts on Clerk tax in September agenda – should have been £3.60 not £3.20

7           PORTFOLIO REPORTS: to consider

a)      PLANNING

Applications to consider:

Application 21/04381/OUT Manor Farm Station Road Cullingworth. Outline application for residential development of land (site area 1000 sq m) with one farm workers dwelling requesting consideration of access

Application 21/04379/HOU Sugden House Farm Staples Lane Cullingworth: Change of use of part of field to parking area. Construction of porch.

Application 21/04781/FUL Sugden House Farm Staples Lane Cullingworth: Change of use of land to dwelling curtilage. Detached double garage.

Ratification of Applications submitted


Applications granted


Application 21/03667/HOU 19 Hallas Lane Cullingworth: Construction of single storey rear extension with pitched roof and rooflights

Application 21/03497/FUL Land At Lees Moor Farm Bingley Road: Change of use from grazing land to secure dog walking and training facility for use by members of public

Application 21/01149/MAF Hallas Rough Quarry Black Moor Halifax Road Cullingworth: Winning and working of remaining sandstone resource to prevent sterilisation by restoration and to release important, locally distinctive mineral

Application 21/01202/VOC Hallas Rough Quarry Black Moor Halifax Road Cullingworth: Variation of Conditions 2 (end date), 3 (plans) and 26 (restoration phasing) of application 13/01091/MAF: to extend end date from 31/08/2028 to 31/12/2038 and update phasing plan of planning permission to facilitate completion of site restoration


  1. ENVIRONMENTAL: to consider
  1. Future Village Council events
    1. Christmas lights
    2. Switch on event
    3. Gardening competition and presentation evening
    4. Remembrance Sunday
  2. Projects – consideration of spending
    1. Improvements to playground
    2. Progress on other spending projects


  1. SOCIAL:Nothing received

8          REPORTS FROM OTHER BODIES:  None received


10         DATE OF NEXT MEETING  – Wednesday 3 November 2021

Signed    ……………………………

A Costigan

Proper Officer of the Council

Dated      …..1/10/2021……….