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Dear Councillors        

This agenda acts as a summons to attend the:






As a result of the current Coronavirus situation the Council meeting scheduled for Wednesday 2 September will now take place as an online meeting using the Zoom video conferencing application. Members of the public who wish to raise a question or “attend” the meeting therefore need to e mail the Chairman at prior to the 2nd September in order that an invitation to attend can be  e mailed to them. The invitations will be sent out at approximately 6.50pm on the 2nd September


Fifteen minute rule – to receive questions and comments from members of the public.

.   1         Apologies: to note apologies and approve reasons for absence

    2          Disclosures of interest – to receive disclosures of personal and prejudicial

interest from members on matters to be considered at the meeting.  The

disclosure must include the nature of the interest.  An interest must also be

disclosed in the meeting when it only becomes apparent to the member during

the meeting

   NB Members may remain in the meeting and take part fully in discussion and

                voting unless the interest is prejudicial.  A personal interest is a prejudicial

                interest if it is one which a member of the public, with knowledge of the relevant

                facts, would reasonably regard as so significant that it is likely to prejudice the

                member’s judgment of the public interest.  Members must withdraw from the

                meeting if the interest is a prejudicial interest unless a dispensation has been

                obtained from the Standards Committee.  Members are reminded that under

                Members Code of Conduct they must register, within 28 Days, changes to their

                financial and other interests and notify the Monitoring Officer of any gifts and

                hospitality received deemed to be valued over £25.

  3    MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING:–  To approve the minutes of the Village Council meeting held on
5 August 2020

           MATTERS ARISING: Guard rail at Coop crossing

                                               Council noticeboard



 4   CORRESPONDENCE: to discuss or note:

1) Details requested for Cullingworth Village Diary

2) Dog Control Public Space Protection Orders consultation reopened

3) Tiger 502 bus service launch



To receive the financial report to 1 September 2020

                     – To approve payments:

1)    Clerk’s salary for August

2)    Zoom software £14.39 per month

3)    Instant Ink payment (clerk) £7.99

4)    YLCA Webinar on Planning (Clerk) £22.50

5)    Instant Ink payment (Chairman – 6 months) £47.94

6)    SLCC Training on Word document accessibility (Clerk) £36.00

To consider for approval:  Appointment of new internal auditor.


6    PORTFOLIO REPORTS: to discuss

  1. a) PLANNING


       Applications to discuss:


Application 20/02921/HOU – 30 Sutton Drive Cullingworth Construction of decking area to
rear garden over existing patio area
Application 20/03222/LBC – 4 Hallas Farm Cottages Hallas Lane Replacement of all
existing external, single pane glass, non storm proof windows

Application 20/03434/HOU – 21 Wild Heather Close Cullingworth Replacement of the
existing detached garage with ancillary home office accommodation above

Application 20/02904/MAF – Land off Manywells Brow Cullingworth Residential
development of 25 dwellings on vacant land

       Application 20/03433/HOU – 68 Hallowes Park Road Cullingworth 2 storey rear extension


       Ratification of Applications submitted to Shipley

       None received


Application 19/04627/FUL – HCF Poultry Ltd CHP plant application has been approved.

  1. b)  ENVIRONMENTAL: to discuss

                       1)     Christmas arrangements – update.

                       2)     Harden Traffic Report – To consider for approval statement produced following
meeting of representatives from Harden, Wilsden and Cullingworth. To consider
whether zebra crossing markings in Cullingworth should be included.

3)     Flappit Springs traffic issues – a letter has been received from residents in the area
requesting a number of traffic calming measures.

4)     Cleaner Streets, Parks and Open Spaces Fund from Shipley Council – to consider
an application for funding

5)     Lengthsman – a meeting between councillors, the new Lengthsman and Stuart Russo
from Bradford Council has been arranged. To consider appropriate tasks for
6)     Newsletter – publication schedule

7)     Remembrance Sunday – to discuss arrangements and consider payments for

8)     Defibrillator – to consider offer of donation

  1.  c)  SOCIAL: Nothing received

7       REPORTS FROM OTHER BODIES:  None received



  9       DATE OF NEXT MEETING  – Wednesday 7 October 2020

Signed    ……………………………

A Costigan

Proper Officer of the Council

Dated      …..28/8/2020……….