Cheques over £100 2023 -2024

Cheques over £100

7th February 2024
New grit bin and supply of grit £308.92

10th January 2024
War Memorial gardening £436.80
Cullingworth Methodist Church Hall hire £160
Tom Sumner for poppies and lights installation and storage £1100
Web updates £160
PKF Littlejohn (internal auditor) £378

6th December
Gardening awards gift cards £400
Steve Thorpe, War Memorial planting £934.80
Web updates £160
Grant to lending library (Toddlers Storytime) £400
SLCC subscription £144
Respond Marketing £252
Village Hall room hire £360
Gifts for Santas grotto £219.84

1st November
Hanging basket watering (Neil Crabtree, Ground Up Maintenance) £100
Christmas tree (New Coley) £250
Defibrillator pads – 2 sets (Clerk) £141.60
Flagpole repair and replacement flag (House of Flags) £517.20
Flagpole security locks (House of Flags) £118.80
Replacement of trees at the Recreation Ground (Steve Thorpe) £240.72

4th October
Lamppost poppies for Remembrance Sunday (Clerk) £150
Hanging basket watering (Neil Crabtree, Ground Up Maintenance) £300
Play in Parks (Bradford Council) £2100

6th September
Hanging basket watering (Neil Crabtree, Ground Up Maintenance) £300
Chris Milnes Building Contractors (Welcome Stone repair) £792
Steve Thorpe (War Memorial planting) £1038.36

2nd August
Hanging basket installation (Carlton Nurseries) £518.40
Security, hosting, e mails and updates £851

5th July
Internal audit (Town Parish Audit) £190
Rental for 7 meetings (Methodist Church) £140
Bunting (House of Flags) £765.50
Website update and licence renewal £120
June watering of hanging baskets (GroundUp Garden Maintenance) £200

6th June
Tom Sumner (Coronation bunting) £150
Updating Website £220
Village Hall Presentation evening £463.40 (including £140 deposit)
Village Hall Presentation evening preparation £136.80 (including £40 deposit)

16th May
Newsletter distribution £280
YLCA subscription £792
Flags and new flagpole £1440
Christmas lights purchase, storage, fitting and testing £6900
Zurich Insurance £335
Steve Thorpe verges planning and maintenance £178.80
Chairmans allowance £600