Cullingworth Village Council aims to ensure that Cullingworth retains it's character as a village, that all new building projects are undertaken sympathetically so as not to clash with the existing building characteristics

Your local councillors are here to help you, to act as a point of contact for any areas of concern that you may have about the Village and it's surroundings.

Cullingworth Village Council normally meets on the first Wednesday of each month, at 19:00 in Cullingworth Methodist Chapel. Currently, due to the Covid restrictions, these meetings are being held on the Zoom online platform. There is a 15 minute public session at the beginning when residents have an opportunity to voice concerns.

Annual Return

The Annual Return for the Village Council for the year ending 31/03/2019 Click Here

Date of Next Meeting: 3rd February 2021

The Planning Sub-committee meets in the Methodist Chapel if there are any plans to consider. Details, dates and times of such meetings are published on the notice board next to the Paper Shop on Halifax Road

Register of Interests forms

It is a statutory requirement that all Councillors complete a register of Interests form and that these are available for viewing by the general public.
Below are the relevant forms which apply to Cullingworth Village Council

Mary Galvin
Register of Interest

Manu Ahir
Register of Interest

Lionel Ackroyd
Register of Interest

Howard Martin
Register of Interest

Maria Thomson
Register of Interest