Important News Coronavirus/ Covid-19

The Village Council urges residents to follow government guidelines with regard to the Coronavirus and to social distance or self isolate wherever possible, particularly if you are over 70 or have an underlying medical condition.  If you are able, please check on your immediate neighbours especially if they are older, either telephoning or knocking and immediately stepping away from the door.  Cullingworth does have a high level of elderly residents who may not have access to internet connections and would greatly appreciate any help you can provide for them in obtaining necessary supplies, prescriptions etc.  Both Churches in the village are creating social conversational groups to ensure people will have telephone or email conversations on a very regular basis to keep in touch and try to alleviate loneliness.

                                   Useful contacts:

                                                                 St John’s Church:      Rev’d Susy McCarter:    01535 270687

                                                                 Methodist Church:   Rev’d Barbara Fairburn 01274  568163  Senior steward: Kathleen Crabtree 01535 272958

                                                                 Bingley Food Bank in case of need:  Bingley Little Theatre, Tuesday and Friday mornings 10.00 to 11.30am

                                                                 Wilsden Volunteer car scheme:   Margaret Harrison on 01535 272305 or Peter Allison on 01535 273403

If you would like to volunteer to help then Bradford Council are co-ordinating volunteers and you can register by Clicking Here

There is also lots of helpful information about the Coronavirus on their website which you can view here

If you have a specific question regarding local Cullingworth matters please email

The Village Council

Cullingworth Village Council aims to ensure that Cullingworth retains it's character as a village, that all new building projects are undertaken sympathetically so as not to clash with the existing building characteristics

Your local councillors are here to help you, to act as a point of contact for any areas of concern that you may have about the Village and it's surroundings.

Cullingworth Village Council meets on the first Wednesday of each month, at 19:00 in Cullingworth Methodist Chapel. There is a 15 minute public session at the beginning when residents have an opportunity to voice concerns.

The Planning Sub-committee meets in the Methodist Chapel if there are any plans to consider. Details, dates and times of such meetings are published on the notice board next to the Paper Shop on Halifax Road

Cullingworth Village Council allocate an annual budget for the purpose of Community Grants. These grants are for amounts of up to £400 and are intended to help groups, organisations or, in certain circumstances, individuals to fund or part fund projects which benefit the local community. The application form can be downloaded by clicking here. The form requests certain documents be attached to your grant application but if you do not possess a constitution for example then do not let this put you off applying. The actual project itself is of more importance to the Village Council when we are considering the suitability of the application for funding.

Cullingworth Village Council have recently adopted a new “bio diversity” policy and a copy of this document can be found here